Enterprise Mobility Market Expected to Grow Substantially through 2018

iStock_000019333797XSmallMarket Focus is Shifting from
Controlling Mobility to Business

451 Research, a global technology analyst firm with focus on technology innovation and market disruption, in its recent Market & Monitor forecast predicts that the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Market will have more than doubled in size by the end of 2018. With increasing adoption of EMM technologies in the marketplace, the overall market is expected to grow from $3.8bn in revenue in 2014 to $9.6bn in 2018, resulting in a CAGR of 22% from 2013 to 2018.

451 Research observes that the focus of EMM is shifting from mainly on tools to control mobility, over to elements that aim at enhancing work productivity for the increasing amount of employees that are using mobile devices. The analysts see that the importance of mobile apps in the enterprise is on the rise, and that these apps will be key for any enterprise to implement a mobile strategy.

The analysts divide the EMM space into five main categories:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Application Platforms
  • Mobile eMail Containers
  • Mobile Backend as a Service
  • Mobile Virtualization

While the growth of the EMM space in the past was strongly driven by Mobile Device Management, 451 Research expects that through 2018, all segments of the space will contribute to an uptick in revenue, with growth impulse especially coming from Mobile Application Management.

So, what does this mean for your business? While creating a secure and controlled environment for mobility in the enterprise is the aspect that many companies started out with then tackling EMM, it is time to focus on the getting the right apps on the employees’ devices out there. Only if organizations succeed in this task and do provide apps to their employees that help them to accomplish their daily tasks faster and more easily wherever they are, they will be able to leverage the full productivity potential of enterprise mobility.

If, in the next step, you ask yourself how to get these apps – it could be worth while looking at flexible platforms that connect to your existing IT and bring any data and processes to the mobile device, such as the enterprise mobility platform engomo. If like engomo, this platform even allows you to configure your apps yourself, without knowing how to program them, this might be a good starting point to think about and try out.

To learn more about the quoted research by 451 Research, visit https://451research.com/market-monitor-forecast-enterprise-mobility-management.

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