engomo Cam Integrates Smartphone Cam with Enterprise IT

e20140919_PackFixSmall4ngomo’s latest product feature, engomo Cam, adds real benefit by adding scanning and documentation processes to its range of mobilized business processes: With the engomo Cam, app users can take photos and scan documents, which are immediately transferred to the back-end systems, including any metadata entered. This way, an new channel can be added to ECM systems and document management systems, with direct triggering of back-end workflows by engomo.

As all components of engomo, the engomo Cam is highly adaptable through configuration – starting with the back-end system used, up to configurable properties: for instance, a level function can be switched on in the settings to ensure the user uses the right angle for document scans, so that connected OCR processes work without error. Further options are editing functions for images taken and a live OCR function, analyzing the content of the document to be scanned and only allowing a document upload if defined wording sequences are detected.

Besides document scanning, a typical use case for the engomo Cam is photo documentation, e.g. of damages to goods received in the warehouse. A photo of the damaged package including any information required to initiate a compliant workflow can be captured via mobile app and directly transferred to the back-end.

To learn more about the functions of engomo, check out the features overview on the engomo web site.

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