Innovative Mobile ERP – Watch out for lean, process-oriented and flexible solutions

SONY DSCEnterprise Mobility is on the rise in the world of IT. It makes employees’ work days easier and enhances overall organizational productivity. When looking at enterprise apps that bring ERP data to the mobile device, it becomes clear that organizations have a broad array of solutions to choose from:

  • the add-on apps offered by their system providers, more often than not browser-based rather than native.
  • Customized specialty apps, specifically programmed for the organization by IT service providers.
  • And then there are enterprise mobility platforms – solutions that are highly flexible with regard to the back-end systems connected to, and configurable, that means: enterprise apps can be created in an app configurator, without the need for individual programming.

This makes such solutions highly attractive for any company that strives to maximize the outcome of enterprise mobilization – productivity enhancements. A thing, which is only possible if mobile processes can be tailored individually to an organization’s needs.

This article explains the different types of solutions for enterprise mobility available in today’s marketplace and highlights the benefits of a flexible enterprise app platform.


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